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Beauty Tips: Natural Homemade Beauty Tips for Women

Hello Beautiful! If you are a college goer and a hard-working woman, these natural home beauty tips are useful for all women. Beauty brands present new products every day and, sometimes, it's so confusing. I'm not here to do away with beauty brands because I use some of the beauty products, but most of them sell false promises. They attract people through luxury ads. How can a customer be smart & not be confused? It's not possible.

With the help of some natural homemade beauty tips, you will get the best results. I personally use all these home remedies & trust me, it really works. The market products give you the instant results but these results last for a short period of time. If you want to see the difference in your skin, you must be patient & consistent. Below you will find the most effective and natural homemade beauty tips for women.

Natural Homemade Beauty Tips for Women

Natural Homemade Beauty Tips for Women

1:=> For dry skin: if you live in a humid climate, your skin becomes very dry and especially when you have a dry skin type. Your skin has no moisture You need moisture in your skin to make it look soft and supple. Take two tablespoons of milk and add honey. Take a piece of cotton or apply this mix on your face. You may also use malai ( total cream ) rather than milk. Put it on at night or keep it for thirty minutes & clean your face with cool water. 

2:=> For oily skin layers: this kind of skin is really complex or we often experience blackheads, whiteheads & persistent shins. The skin produces excess sebum and the sebum is blocked in the pores resulting in pimples. Oily skin also needs to be moisturized. When the skin becomes too dry, it produces excess oil. You must keep your skin clean and clear. You can use an oatmeal mask, take some oatmeal and add honey. Apply this mask for 30 minutes and wash it with cold water. Your skin will feel fresh.

3:=> For fresh skin with dew: Cut some cucumbers and dip it in the water overnight. Now wash your face with this water early in the morning. Your skin will instantly look fresh and moist.

4:=> For moisturizing skin: I wash my face with honey and often I skip the cleanser in the morning and wash my face with honey alone. Makes my skin very soft and maintains the pH balance of the skin.

5:==> For a glowing skin instantly: use this tip of natural homemade beauty to get a glowing skin instantly. Take a little honey and add a few drops of lemon. Now apply this mask on your face and wash it with cold water after 30 minutes.
Natural Homemade Beauty Tips for Women

6:=> For dark circles: we live in a busy world under so much work pressure and stress. Lack of sleep and exposure to devices for a long time leads to stubborn dark circles under the eyes. Take some almond oil or massage the spot under the eyes using this oil clockwise or counterclockwise. You could drink raw milk or add several drops of rose water to it. Use this mixture with the use of a cotton ball. You can leave it be tonight or wash it with the cold water in the morning time. 

7:=> For black spots: when the skin is exposed to dirt & contamination, dirt deposits in the pores and black spots. These pimples are very stubborn. You can use this natural homemade beauty tip to get rid of dirt. Take an egg white and add honey & lemon in it. Apply it on your face & leave it for 20-30 minutes. To get rid of pimples on your nose, take a tablespoon of baking powder and add a little lemon. Now apply this on your nose and leave it for 30 minutes. It will irritate for a while, but it is natural. It works like a miracle & your skin will look so clear.

8:=> To lighten the skin: if your skin is exposed to the sun, you can quickly tan. The potato juice helps clear the skin.

9:=> For pimples and acne: you can use a matte Multani facial pack and rose water once a week to get rid of the dirt. Add a little honey or a few drops of coconut oil if you have excess dry skin. Apply this pack for 20 minutes and wash your face with cold water.

Natural Homemade Beauty Tips for Women

I always use these natural homemade beauty tips and I have seen a big change in the quality of my skin. You should make sure to follow a healthy diet because, in the end, regardless of what you apply abroad, if you do not take care of your diet, it will not make any difference. You need to eat the right food. Patience is the key. Do not expect instant miracles. Whoever promises you an instant result will surely offer the fake products. Having a healthy and large skin requires a lot of extra time and effort unless you are born with it naturally.

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