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Cosmetic Foot Surgery | New Style and Fashion Trend for Girls

 Cosmetic Foot Surgery | New Style and Fashion Trend for Girls

New Style and Fashion Trend for Girls

Are you one of those women between 16 and 46 years old who are very self-conscious about the appearance of their feet? Are you also one of those who wants to fit in a pair of small, narrow & cute heels, but you can not or have pains in the feet when you do it? Well, guess what, there's cosmetic surgery on the foot. For your information, I personally do not promote so-called cosmetic foot surgery because there are many dangerous consequences, but I am making a note here to tell you that slowly it is becoming a new trend and endangers the health of patients woman.

Then you look through the glass windows of a store and see the clothes you want to buy. Now you can have the money to buy it, but is it thin enough? It's the same with shoes. The most elegant clothes & shoes are not made for average women, but we buy them because we think they look good. In order to fit into these beautiful shirts, we lose weight, & to put on those beautiful shoes, we cut off our toes, shave our bones & do a face lift of the feet.

There are more and more requests to perform cosmetic surgery, believe it or not. Most orthopedists refuse to do these surgeries because the foot has many important nerves that can lead to very serious problems in the hips and even in the jaw. However, crazy women could risk everything to look good. Even years of pain to come.

 Cosmetic Foot Surgery | New Style and Fashion Trend for Girls

Well, look at those shoes again, and ask yourself if it's worth it. I say stop being fussy because your feet are too wide, too big or too long. If your feet are impeding your ability to walk normally, then try them, but if you are simply doing something to make them look better, leave them alone. I know it's difficult, but which one do you want? The great possibility of staying disabled for the rest of your life or having to hide your feet, but walk comfortably every day?

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