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Hatha Yoga Poses, Asanas & Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga Poses, Asanas

Hatha yoga is a system of Yoga that focuses on the union of Prana & mind to reach a state of spiritual perfection. Used interchangeably with yoga, hath yoga includes sitting meditation, Pranayama and stretching exercises. Hath yoga really helps you feel comfortable with yoga, as you learn basic poses & relaxation techniques. Whether you are an athlete, an entrepreneur, a student, a public official, a housewife and a retiree, Hatha yoga has something to offer everyone. Improves health conditions & promotes mental stability.

Hatha Yoga Poses, Asanas & Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Practicing Yoga gives you various physical, mental, preventive and therapeutic benefits. Yoga invigorates & heals the body and helps direct blood and oxygen to internal organs. Some of the common benefits of hath yoga are:

Flexibility: you will notice an improvement in flexibility and mobility of the muscular joints if you practice Hatha yoga regularly.

Posture: It will tone & strengthen your spine, which will help correct your posture, build muscles and increase endurance.

A backache: Several stretching exercises in yoga relieve back pain and improve bad knees since it eliminates the chronic stress patterns of the body. You will find better blood circulation in your body by performing stretching & breathing exercises in Hatha yoga.

Stress: breathing exercises in yoga provide strength and mental stability to fight against any problem, freeing you from physical stress and stress, especially in the neck, head, lower back & shoulders.

Other benefits: regular practice can help cure several dangerous diseases, such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis, asthma, chronic fatigue & arthritis. If you suffer from obesity, yoga can help you lose those extra pounds.

Practicing Yoga in your daily routine will result in better digestion, better heart conditions, increase blood circulation, reduce cholesterol & blood sugar levels, improve respiratory problems, control the glands of the endocrine system & increase the immune response.

Hatha Yoga Poses, Asanas & Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Pregnant women

Hatha yoga is best for pregnant women because it promotes the health of both the mother and the unborn baby. It can prevent several diseases such as overweight, depression & back pain. Women who practice yoga during their pregnancy notice that labor pains are easier to handle & shorter.

Hatha Yoga and you

Yoga is the only key to look younger, live a healthy life and free of disease. All you need is a place and a minimum of 30 minutes a day to practice yoga. There are several forms of exercises, such as walking, biking, hiking and weight training, but Hatha yoga proves to be the best among all. Practice Hatha yoga to refresh & relax your body & mind.


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