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Dispute Between Shami and Haseenzahan | Coach Who Came in Support of Shami Said: He Is Very Shy & Different Boy

Latest News: Dispute Between Shami and Haseenzahan

Latest News: Dispute Between Shami and Haseenzahan

NEW DELHI: Husseinzah, wife of Team India cricketer Mohammed Shami, on Tuesday presented a key post on her Facebook social media account, accusing him of having relationships with people who are not women in Shami. Immediately after, Mohammed Shami's response arrived and the Social Media Facebook account of Haseen Jahan was removed.

But in the meantime, Shami's coach has now come in support of Mohammed Shami himself. Shamie's trainer, Badruddin, responded in the post of the book of the wife of the cricket player Mohammed Shami, saying, "Mohammed Shami is a very shy person and a different boy  the girls are not at all. I know him well, it's not the kind of thing his wife wrote in his publication. '

Along with that, he said, 'There was nothing to talk about while they were sitting together. I do not think there is anything like this in your family. For the last time, he had spoken with Mohamed Shami when he was on a tour of Africa. It will now be known that the matter will be done. Mohammed Shami is not like that. '

Shami's wife had published about 11 publications and collaborations related to this case between 9 PM and 1 PM on Tuesday morning. In which he made public the messages of WattsAP with Shami not women.

In response to this, Mohammad Shami left today. He tweeted on his Twitter social networking page, "Hi, I'm Mohammad Shami. All this news is about our personal life, it's all a lie, it's a big conspiracy and it's trying to defame me and make my game worse.

However, the response attitude and Shami's tweet seems different in this tweet. When looking at this tweet, it seems that someone has made these tweets. Due to Shami's latest tweets, the tweet language does not look like Shami.

Mohammed Shami's wife, Haseenzahan, had previously shared several charges accusing several serious allegations. Some of the posts they had just deleted from their social media pages a few minutes ago. In addition, there has been an incident in a few minutes that has made the case even more intriguing. Mohammed Shami's wife, Haseen Jahan, was putting all these messages in his account. He has been suddenly eliminated. More and more questions arise in this matter.

Where did Haseen what the revelations?

The messages that Hussein made in these messages are images of women and obscene things. Although the name of Shami is not recognized in any of these publications. But his wife spoke with Rajarshi Datta Gupta, a reporter for the Ananda associate channel, and made it clear that this Facebook account belongs to him and that Shami is currently in Dharamsala.

Who is mentioned in the publication?

Shami's wife, Haseenzahan, mentioned the women united to Nagpur and Pakistan in this post. They tell a woman to live in Karachi of Pakistan. In these messages, the names of these women have been given in detail. On the other hand, women are also mentioned in this publication. One of them is standing with Shami standing with a woman. That is the resident of Samba.

Haseenjahan, while accusing Mohammed Shami and his family of serious accusations, said that Shami exploited him physically and mentally. Haseenjahan said that after returning from South Africa, Shami also hit him.

Along with this, he made serious accusations against Shami and his family and said that his family had threatened to kill him.

About her shared post in the Facebook post, Haseen said that Shami speaks dirty and obscene with many women. He said that when he got Shami's phone, he was locked up. But using the default pattern, the phone opened with a pattern. From this tahr, Hassan Jahan knew all this case and got all the details of Shamy's call and screenshots. He also said that as soon as Shami disappeared his phone, he got very upset.

Haseenjahan said that now they are also under pressure to remove all these posts from their Facebook wall.

Hasinjahan's story of 'January 8'?

Haseenjahan said: "They beat me in UP, they tortured me mentally and physically, all the family of Mohammed Shami abused me all the time, the whole family tortured me in the morning from sunrise until night. 3 at night.

Not only this, after the incident, he had given information about the violence in the Jadhavpur police station. However, Haseenjah did not want any action against the family. Maybe Shami's family also killed me and they also tried to kill me.

Haseenjahan said that so far he has not complained to the police in this case, but that on January 8 he had domestic violence in UP. After this, when he arrived in Kolkata, he gave this information at the local police station. Although Haseen is now thinking about taking legal action.

This message and the statement of Mohammed Shami's wife, Haseenzhahan, clearly show that there is a dispute between Shami and Haseenzahan. People also made a variety of comments in this publication. People have even said that the cricket player's family life is not going well. Let us know that Mohammed Shami and his wife have also been widely discussed on social networks in the past.

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