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Fashion Tips for Womens | Dressing Style for Female

Beautiful things often come in small packages. However, honestly, women of short stature often feel the need to create an illusion with their clothing to look taller. But, I suppose we always want to be something that we are not. Enough of all philosophy, you say? Okay, let me clarify this: the rules of fashion are always being challenged, as are the definitions of the ideal body types. The idea is to work with our natural body type and dress to get the best out of us. If you are still not convinced, we have proofs too.  MyHealthsandFitness Blog provide FashionTips for Womens and Dressing Style for Female.

1. Wedding Dresses 

Wedding Dresses

The big days will be better in every way. Simply show your assets and do it with all the confidence you have. Flaunt your frame with dresses without shoulders and choose these over heart necklines because they create an illusion of a broader canvas. Transparent necklines that slide down to become work without backing to your advantage.

2. Jeans for Small Women

Jeans for Small Women

Boyfriend / mommy jeans, distressed denim, etc. add a filter to your outfit. They stretch the lower part of the body and make it look longer. Tops with ruffles, puffed sleeves, cold or cold shoulders, etc. decorate them for you.

3. Sequined Skirt and Tucked Shirt

Sequined Skirt and Tucked Shirt

The pencil skirts complement your body type and mix completely, but you need to style the outfit with something that does not shrink you anymore. Drop those tank or tube caps and change them to a plaid or chambray shirt that has the right amount of volume.

4. Maxi Dresses for Short Women 

Maxi Dresses for Short Women

Choose maxi dresses that have some definition of straight cuts. The asymmetric hems, the sleeves with hood or flower, the bodice with ruffles, etc., are great. Dressed with lighter fabrics such as organza, Georgette, etc.

5. High-necked & ankle-length V-neck boots

High-necked & ankle-length V-neck boots

V-neck or pronounced necklines add length to your bodice and stretch the upper body. Wearing them with ankle boots instead of regular heels can make the outfit look quite interesting.

6. One Piece Dress – Sweater

One Piece Dress – Sweater

Shirt or denim dresses may look super chic, however, try adding layers to your dress. Add a kimono or a shrug, a sweater or a coat in winter, etc. to fix it a bit, but, of course, DO NOT use over layer.

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